This Day In TMBG History/September

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2009 – Here Comes Science, They Might Be Giants' fourth children's album, is released. In 2010, it becomes a Grammy award nominee for the 2010 Best Musical Album for Children.



1970 – Apollo 18, a planned NASA mission, is canceled due to budgetary constraints. In 1992, They Might Be Giants releases an album with the same name, and John and John are selected by NASA to be "Musical Ambassadors" for International Space Year.

1999 – The fifth episode of Brave New World, "Looking for Life", premieres, including a video for "All Alone". You can watch the video on YouTube.


Man, It's So Loud in Here Late Night.jpg

2001 – They Might Be Giants perform "Man, It's So Loud In Here" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


2004 – The French Broad River, inundated by heavy rains from Hurricanes Frances and Ivan, floods. Twenty days later, the Venue Songs track "Asheville" will reference it.


2001 – They Might Be Giants are interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to promote their soon-to-be-released Mink Car. You can watch the interview on Comedy Central's website. John Flansburgh is Trotsky!

2001 – They Might Be Giants perform a midnight instore at Tower Records in Manhattan to celebrate the release of Mink Car. Selections from the show appear in Gigantic.



2001 – Mink Car, They Might Be Giants' eighth studio album, is released.



2004 – Higglytown Heroes, for which They Might Be Giants created the theme song, "Here In Higglytown", first airs. John and John are depicted as animated citizens of Higglytown, performing the song.



1994 – John Henry, They Might Be Giants' fifth studio album, is released. This album is their first to be recorded with a live backing band.



1993 – Why Does The Sun Shine? is released, marking They Might Be Giants' first ever set of recordings featuring their new touring band to be released.


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1999 – The final episode of Brave New World, "Beyond Atoms", premieres, including a video for "Cut The Strings".



2002 – The compilation Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants is released on the Rhino label. The two-CD set contains a whopping 52 tracks that span the first 20 years of the band.



1988 – Lincoln, They Might Be Giants' second album, is released.


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1849 – Ivan Pavlov, Nobel Prize-winning Russian physiologist is born. Pavlov is best known for his studies of conditional gastric reflexes, in particular those involving canines as referenced in "Dinner Bell".


2003 – TMBG's Other Thing, a four-piece backing ensemble consisting of Marty Beller, Dan Levine, Mark Pender, and Marcus Rojas, makes its debut at a show at Joe's Pub.


1983 – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt first publishes The Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon, a whimsical children's book by Nancy Willard about the moon abandoning its post in the sky and searching for a nightgown. The Johns claim they were not aware of the book's existence.