This Day In TMBG History/December

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1963 – Danny Weinkauf is born.

2003 – They Might Be Giants perform "Particle Man" and "Stalk of Wheat" on The Screen Savers. The appearance can be seen in two parts via YouTube here and here.



2005 – The band's first podcast, Podcast 1A, is released. It features never-before-heard tracks "It Was A Very Good Year", "I Enjoy Being A Boy", and "Turtle Songs Of North America".


2007 – John Flansburgh first appears making a guest cameo as Xavier's computer in Xavier: Renegade Angel on Adult Swim.

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2014 – After a six-year hiatus, Dial-A-Song makes a triumphant return at a brand new phone number, (844) 387-6962.



2018 – In one day, They Might Be Giants released three albums digitally directly to their merch site: Their 21st and 22nd albums, The Escape Team and My Murdered Remains (with More Murdered Remains as a bonus), and a limited edition release of John Henry Demos.


2004 – Venue Songs is released digitally.


2004 – Almanac, a digital live album, is released, unannounced and exclusively through the TMBG Download Store.

1817 – Mississippi becomes the 20th state. It will be the namesake of "Mississippi" on State Songs.


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2009 – They Might Be Giants play "Why Does The Sun Shine?" and "Why Does The Sun Really Shine?" on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. John Hodgman was also on the show, and provided guest vocals on the former. You can watch the performances on YouTube.


1787 – Pennsylvania becomes the 2nd state. It will be the basis of "Pennsylvania", a track on State Songs.


1818 – Illinois becomes the 21st state. It will inspire "Illinois", the instrumental opening track of State Songs.


1999 – They Might Be Giants provide live incidental and bumper music for the entirety of Jon Stewart's "Greatest Millennium" special.


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1999 – Olive, The Other Reindeer debuts at 8:00pm Eastern on the Fox Network. It does not include the Johnny Hart song, "Olive, The Other Reindeer".



1993 – Flood is certified as a gold-selling album by the RIAA. In 2009, it goes on to be certified platinum.


2018 – Dial-A-Song's 2018 iteration comes to an end with the 47th and final song, "Mrs. Bluebeard".


1846 – Iowa becomes the 29th state. It will give rise to the State Songs track "Iowa".

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2015 – Dial-A-Song's 2015 iteration comes to an end with the 52nd and final song, "Shape Shifter".