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Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan William Coulton is a rock/folk singer from Colchester, Connecticut. Before he became a musician, he worked as a software designer, and began writing music in his downtime. During this time, he released two albums, inspiring his decision to pursue music full-time. He is a longtime They Might Be Giants fan, and he says that "we share a sensibility that I stole from them." His assistant, Scarface, has also collaborated with the band, notably on their free mobile app.

At one of his shows, on October 10, 2009, Coulton, along with Paul and Storm, played Flood in its entirety so that the folks missing the Johns' Flood show the same night would not be disappointed, which earned him a mention in the newsletter. He opened for TMBG in a few 2010 shows, during which time John Flansburgh suggested Coulton put together a band and an album which Flans then offered to produce. The album, entitled Artificial Heart, was released September 2, 2011. His new band included Chris Anderson of Muckafurgason and Marty Beller. Dan Miller, Dan Levine, Stan Harrison, Joe McGinty, Hal Cragin, and Suzanne Vega also appeared as a studio musicians on the album. Additionally, Coulton appeared alongside TMBG on Many Hands: Family Music For Haiti. Coulton opened for TMBG throughout 2011 and early 2012 for the entire Join Us promotional tour. In early 2012, Flans accompanied Coulton on the second JoCo Cruise Crazy as an entertainer.

Coulton has collaborated with John Hodgman, and was mentioned in "Hodgman Promo 1" as the nefarious cat sitter. Hodgman recommended Coulton as an opener for TMBG.[1]

They Might Be Giants joined Coulton's JoCo Cruise in March 2019.

Coulton's latest album is Some Guys (2019), "a collection of 70s soft rock covers that sound exactly like the originals".[2]

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