Artificial Heart

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Artificial Heart album cover
Artificial Heart
Studio album by Jonathan Coulton
First released September 2, 2011 Tracks 18
Label Jocoserious Records Length 47:31

Artificial Heart is Jonathan Coulton's sixth full-length studio album, and his first to be recorded in-studio with a full band.

John Flansburgh produced the album, marking the first time Coulton did not act as producer for his own music. Flansburgh had suggested that Coulton record the album during TMBG's 2010 tour, for which Coulton opened a few shows.

Coulton's backing band on the album consisted of Marty Beller on drums and Chris Anderson on bass. Guest musicians on the album include Dan Miller, Dan Levine, Joe McGinty, John Roderick, Stan Harrison, Hal Cragin, and Suzanne Vega. Flans himself also did some programming work. Track 17, "Want You Gone", was remixed by The Elegant Too, and the entire album was engineered by longtime TMBG collaborator Pat Dillett.

Packaging for the album was designed by Sam Potts, who had previously done layout work on Bed, Bed, Bed, in addition to designing a series of TMBG emblem logos, introduced in the Indestructible Object era, with John Flansburgh. These logos continue to be used frequently by the band. Potts also designed the jackets for John Hodgman's books.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Sticking It To Myself Jonathan Coulton 2:19
2 Artificial Heart Jonathan Coulton 2:33
3 Nemeses Jonathan Coulton 3:02
4 The World Belongs To You Jonathan Coulton 2:11
5 Today With Your Wife Jonathan Coulton 2:57
6 Sucker Punch Jonathan Coulton 1:42
7 Glasses Jonathan Coulton 2:47
8 Je Suis Rick Springfield Jonathan Coulton 2:28
9 Alone At Home Jonathan Coulton 2:02
10 Fraud Jonathan Coulton 3:00
11 Good Morning Tucson Jonathan Coulton 2:28
12 Now I Am an Arsonist Jonathan Coulton 2:53
13 Down Today Jonathan Coulton 2:22
14 Dissolve Jonathan Coulton 2:58
15 Nobody Loves You Like Me Jonathan Coulton 2:19
16 Still Alive Jonathan Coulton 4:15
17 Want You Gone Jonathan Coulton 2:22
18 The Stache Jonathan Coulton 3:00