Hal Cragin

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Hal Cragin

Hal Cragin was a bass player for John Flansburgh's side project, Mono Puff. He also joined They Might Be Giants as their touring bassist for a brief period from late 1997 to mid-1998.

He played bass for TMBG on Factory Showroom (in addition to co-writing "S-E-X-X-Y") and Severe Tire Damage. He was also the namesake of the Mono Puff EP, The Hal Cragin Years.

Cragin was a studio musician on Jonathan Coulton's album Artificial Heart, which Flansburgh produced. Coincidentally, Cragin appeared as a part of the band The Scrantones in an episode of The Office, in which fellow Mono Puff artist Kate Flannery had a regular role.

One bass enthusiast said of Cragin:

Hal Cragin's work for Mono Puff (and They Might Be Giants) is also one the most amazing pieces ever put together. His addition to their songs is something right out of classic 70's funk. Truly a show-stopper.

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