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my name is traci, i happen to be awesome.

and i was too tired to create an account... but i got a nice message on my user id talk asking me to so i did.

My fandom started when my grandma bought Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants for me for christmas. She bought it, because it was recommended to her by a record store worker when she asked "what is a good gift for a 14 year old that likes weird things?" Upon receiving, i listened to, remembered some tiny tunes memories and fell in love. the rest... is history. Since i was asked what the history is, i'll expand this story, i bought Flood and Mink Car and listened to it a lot until i reached that 16 year old "i'm so emo" fase... yeah that was a bad one... then i reached college and met a friend of a friend who loved the giants too, and rekindled my love of them, actually making it worse now that i have internet and money and ways of traveling... oh boy...


fact: when i go through breakups, i listen to a playlist of nothing but depressing John Linnell-sung songs (Flansburgh's voice doesn't make me sad.)

fact: this is the only band that makes me a silly fan girl. (i wasn't even like this as a 10 year old teeny-bopper)

fact: i hope no one reads this.

fact: when i pre-ordered the else, i checked my mail everyday for a straight week from the day it came out until i got it. my mail person thought i was insane

fiction: i have a pet whale.

fact: in glass design class, i made myself a blue canary night light.

I OWN.[edit]

(Album Favorites: Don't lets start, Number Three, She's An Angel, Hide Away Folk Family)
(Album Favorites: Ana Ng, Purple Toupee, You'll Miss Me, Piece Of Dirt, The World's Address, I've Got A Match, They'll Need A Crane, Shoehorn With Teeth)
(Album Favorites: Birdhouse In Your Soul, Twisting, Letterbox, Minimum Wage)
(Album Favorites: I Palindrome I, The Guitar, Narrow Your Eyes, spider, If I Wasn't Shy )
(Album Favorites: Sleeping In The Flowers, Snail Shell, A Self Called Nowhere, The End Of The Tour)
(Album Favorites: New York City, [Pet Name]])
(Album Favorites: Bangs, Man, It's So Loud In Here, Another First Kiss, Drink!)
(Album Favorites: Where Do They Make Balloons, In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle, I Am Not Your Broom, Bed Bed Bed, Violin)
(Album Favorites: Museum Of Idiots, {[Damn Good Times]])
(Album Favorites: I'm Impressed, Take Out The Trash, Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth, Contrecoup, )

(other CD type objects i own)

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