They Might Be Giants In Holidayland

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They Might Be Giants In Holidayland ep cover
They Might Be Giants In Holidayland
EP by They Might Be Giants
First released November 6, 2001
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Tracks 5
Label Restless <73756-2> Length 11:49
Back cover artwork
The They Might Be Giants In Holidayland CD
Holidayland Promo CD


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From the back cover:

Greetings from They Might Be Giants
These recordings were made over the years in very different times and places. "Santa's Beard" originally appeared on TMBG's Lincoln album. "O Tannenbaum" was a 7" vinyl single recorded at a sound check with the band's first live line-up in Fairfax High School in Hollywood, CA. "Careless Santa" is taken from the debut album of Mono Puff, a Flansburgh side project. "Feast of Lights" was recorded for a Hanukah compilation called Festival Of Light 2. And "Santa Claus" is a brand new recording of The Sonics' 60's garage classic and appears here for the first time.
Happy holidays to all!
Enjoy this disc with your friends and family.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Santa Claus 2:55


2 Santa's Beard 1:55


3 Feast Of Lights 2:35


4 Careless Santa 2:19


5 O Tannenbaum 2:05




  • The art for this EP was designed by The Chopping Block.
  • "Careless Santa" is the first Mono Puff song to be featured on a TMBG release.