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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: May 31, 2006
Show length: 20:45
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"Hosted by public radio's Duke of Dead Air-Cecil Portesque-broadcasting from a secret, very futuristic location. Includes exclusive They Might Be Giants recordings, previews and rarities."


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  • Starting time [0:00] - Narrator patter:
It's They Might Be Giants Podcast 7A. It's a beautiful day outside, it's a beautiful day inside. I'm your host, Cecil; here's the music of They Might Be Giants.
You just heard three tracks recorded on the Beardo 2006 Tour for radio contest winners: Kendra McCormick, Scott Bauer and Demarais Parker, all winners on the CD101 contest in Columbus, Ohio. Plus a song, uh, that They Might Be Giants recorded for a radio DJ named Morgan, with the show Morgan in the Morning. And some dusty, crusty tracks from They Might Be Giants' Iron Mountain Vault, we heard a little bit of the Gloria recordings that was featured in edited form on the Don't Let's Stop [sic] EP back in the 1980s, from Bar/None Records. Coming up now, we've got a set of some released and unreleased They Might Be Giants material, and a little spotlight on some bands that have opened for They Might Be Giants. Let's get back to the music, and we'll talk on the other side.
You are listening to They Might Be Giants Podcast 7A. You just heard Renew My Subscription, one of the bonus tracks off the Venue Songs DVD and CD, Last Name T from the Last Car, and Lollipop Time from Corn Mo. I Hit My Head is from the Mono Puff album, and I'm Awake is off the Indestructible Object EP by request from our engineering staff.
  • [18:07] - Copyright Notice
Installing and delivering melody since 1982, They Might Be Giants Podcast 7A. This production is copywritten by They Might Be Giants and is not for reproduction or resale. We ask you to help support this free service by sending your friends for their own copy of They Might Be Giants podcasts at tmbg.com or iTunes. I'm your host Cecil and I want to thank you for podcasting in.
  • [18:38] - Acid by Stu Mitchell