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Host: John Flansburgh
Date published: October 29, 2008
Show length: 17:00
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Direct from Brooklyn's own They Might Be Giants, this is the only authorized and official podcast from the band. Often imitated, never remunerated. Specializing in original, live and/or rare material from the band, please enjoy TMBG's finest podcast!


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It's They Might Be Giants Podcast... with the music of They Might Be Giants!
Hello, everyone. Welcome to They Might Be Giants Halloween Podcast.
  • [0:32] - Vote Or Don't
  • [1:41] - Gravedigger Poem - Timothy "Speed" Levitch:
Negativity is a gravedigger looking for more corpses to have a reason. To have a purpose. "It's kinder to treat someone with cruelty," he said to me. "Actually, it sends them faster through the painful process of learning, and the world, after all, is a giant classroom." "Why not be kind?" I replied. "It seems to me kindness sends them just as quickly through this eternity." "You're very clever," he said to me. Positivity, when left alone in a room is fine. Positivity enjoys its own company. Negativity is the parasite, at all times, that needs positivity to have any kind of a purposeful rhyme. Negativity is a gravedigger looking for more corpses to bury. So that it can have reason. So that it can have a purpose.
Hey, everybody. It's John Flansburgh, your host, subbing for Cecil Portesque on They Might Be Giants Podcast 37A. It's our Halloween Special everybody!

Listen up! They Might Be Giants have got shows around Thanksgiving. We're doing a special Flood show in Washington D.C. at the 9:30 Club, and then the night after that it's—Thanksgiving with your family, then Washington D.C on Friday night. Saturday night we're back in New York City doing a special Apollo 18 show at (Le) Poisson Rouge, so come on out for either of those shows. And then of course, Christmas Eve we're spending with our families, and then New Year's Eve we're in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia specifically, performing at the place that used to be called the Theater for the Living Arts that now is called the Fillmore-something-or-other. But commonly known as the T.L.A., right there in the heart of Philadelphia on New Year's Eve. Two big shows on New Year's Eve. And of course, ladies and gentleman, They Might Be Giants will be doing a Q&A at a screening of Gigantic on Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, right after (Le) Poisson Rouge show on that Sunday at the new 92nd Street Y Cinema which is not on 92nd Street and they're showing Gigantic and we're going to be talking afterwards so if you want to come out and see that movie we'll be there.

So on this podcast so far you have heard "Vote or Don't," a podcast exclusive, then you heard Timothy "Speed" Levitch reciting a poem called "Gravedigger," "200 Emails" from the Strong Bad email, "Crystal Fortress," which is hopefully going to be made into something with Homestar, "Now is Strange" off They Might Be Giants' The Spine Surfs Alone, and onward we go. Thank you for podcasting in.
  • [10:29] - Trick Or Treat Poem - Timothy "Speed" Levitch:
Trick or treat. When I say the idiom 'trick or treat' I taste crystallized lessons of saliva's platitude. Flow for the sake of flow flowing. Meeting self-congratulations having osmosis with clarity and simultaneously the inward moving gust of taste produced by whatever is being devoured, all becoming a single swallowing of instant gratification. When I say the idiom 'trick or treat' I know that algae deserves to be categorized a sea monster. That I would rather have dinner with my murderer than my castrator. When I say 'trick or treat', that idiom, I am superfluous. Steadfast. Focused on nothing in particular.
  • [11:34] - Skullivan
  • [13:17] - Spines
  • [13:48] - Mysterious Clown - Mysterious Clown
  • [16:44] - Narrator patter:
It's They Might Be Giants Podcast with the music of They Might Be Giants!