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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: January 17, 2006
Show length: 22:27
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"Includes exclusive They Might Be Giants live recordings, rarities and preview tracks. Including, "Why Did You Grow a Beard", "Fingertips LIve" [sic], "Untitled Track" from Tire Damage [sic], "Taste the Fame", "The World that Swings" [sic], "The Deranged Millionaire" [sic], "Raliegh" [sic] and "Robot Parade"."


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  • Starting time [0:00] - Intro:
Alright, so many things to talk about. Uh, you are listening to They Might Be Giants Podcast 2A. Today's show has a showbusiness theme. I'm your host, Cecil. And it's snowing outside our studio here. We got a lot of surprises coming up on this program. Some live recordings, uh, some rarities, and, um, some unreleased tracks. So, uh, here's a brand new track. Unreleased, exclusive to the They Might Be Giants Podcast. It's called "Why Did You Grow A Beard?" It's unrelated to the showbusiness theme, but then we'll be off to the races after that. Thank you for, uh, podcasting in.
Alright. They Might Be Giants recorded live. That was of course, uh, Fingertips from the Almanac collection, uh, from TheyMightBeGiants.com. Now we're gonna take a hard left turn to a untitled track off the live album, Severe Tire Damage. Uh, this is one of the bonus tracks, it features a little bit of music. Uh, this, this track features the audience chanting the words 'people' and the words 'ape' and, uh, it's one of the more outside tracks that, released by the band. I wanna thank you for tuning in, I'm your host, my name's Cecil, and this is They Might Be Giants Podcast 2A.
That was, uh, Taste the Fame, off of Venue Songs; We've Got a World That Swings from the, uh, S-E-X-X-Y EP; Yeah, The Deranged Millionaire, an exclusive to this podcast and TMBG.com. Here is, uh, Raleigh from Venue Songs.
  • [15:36] - It's Over Now (cont'd.)
  • [15:52] - Raleigh
  • [17:30] - Copyright Notice:
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  • This is the first podcast to use music not by TMBG.