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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: March 13, 2006
Show length: 23:18
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"Includes the new tracks: '(She Was A) Hotel Detective in the Future,' 'P.S.O.K. (Paul Stanley of Kiss)' and Flansburgh singing a new composition 'It Never Fails' written by composers Greenberg and Goldwasser of People Are Wrong!"


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Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to They Might Be Giants podcast 5A.
'(She Was A) Hotel Detective From The Future', a podcasting web exclusive right here on TMBG Podcast 5A. Before that 'Savoy Truffle' from the George Harrison tribute album, and then we heard 'P.S.O.K. (Paul Stanley of Kiss)'. Up now, from John Linnell, State Songs, 'Maine', and then a new recording from John Flansburgh singing a new Greenberg / Goldwasser composition also only available here on this podcast. Enjoy.
Alright now we're going to go to something that we caught off the web. This is an act called Dylan Impersonator performing They Might Be Giants' song 'Museum Of Idiots'.
Got a very special podcast announcement to make. On July first, at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, They Might Be Giants will be performing a free show, it's a podcast jubilee with a special set of performers. Everyone is invited out. Get a room. Do a little bit of gamblin'. Join the band as they perform at the Wolf's Den there, for free. We'll also want to remind everybody to go to tmbg.com and theymightbegiants.com and get information about upcoming shows that will be touring in April.
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