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Host: John Flansburgh
Date published: May 22, 2008
Show length: 20:10
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"Direct from Brooklyn's own They Might Be Giants, this is the only authorized and official podcast from the band. Often imitated, never remunerated. Specializing in original, live and/or rare material from the band, please enjoy TMBG's finest podcast!"


Hi everybody, it's John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants and welcome to They Might Be Giants Podcast. I am your host today. You just heard "Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed," the alternate version from Kimya Dawson doing the vocals there. That was from the Simon & Schuster bedtime book by They Might Be Giants, Bed, Bed, Bed, with a bunch of songs by us and beautiful illustrations from the brilliant Canadian artist Marcel Dzama. Then you heard "No Left Turn," an instrumental available only here on They Might Be Giants Podcast. Then "Subliminal"—the demo to "Subliminal"—from the John Henry demos recorded at Excello Studios back in the day. Then, from Cast Your Pod To The Wind, "Brain Problem Situation" available as a bonus disc with The Else in better CD stores everywhere. Then you heard, from the Live at XM sessions, "With The Dark" featuring the band: Dan Miller, Danny Weinkauf, Marty Beller, and the horns there I believe were sitting in. A song from Dial-A-Song from years ago, uh, "No Particular Rock Club," "This Particular Rock Club," I'm not even sure what the title of it was; I think the cassette just said "Rock Club" on it. That was a Dial-A-Song song. And then from Here Come the 123s, "Even Numbers."

Right now we're going to hear the demo version of the alternative version of "Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed" with the lead vocal sung by me. So thank you all for podcasting in. Come see us on the road somewhere: Milwaukee... I don't know where else we're playing, New York City, our big New York City stand coming up in the fall. Thanks again, bye.