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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: January 12, 2007
Show length: 22:43
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"Hosted by public radio's Duke of Dead Air-Cecil Portesque-broadcasting from a secret, very futuristic location. Includes exclusive They Might Be Giants recordings, previews and rarities."


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  • Starting time [0:00] - Bob Dylan "Theme Time Radio Hour" patter:
They Might Be Giants.
  • [0:01] - Narrator patter:
It's a beautiful day. {pause} It's 2007, everybody, and it's time for They Might Be Giants Podcast 21A! This first track is a special podcast preview of the Wired Magazine ringtones coming out in February. This is Mr. Michael Cerveris, a Tony award winner, performing with the band.
That was Vestibule from They Might Be Giants' free MP3 service that's available to anybody who just wants to sign up for it. You're listening to They Might Be Giants Podcast 21A. I'm your host Cecil. Thank you for podcasting in. {pause} We got another, uh, MP3 service exclusive right here. This is a new track called Greasy Kid Stuff.
While we're on the subject of bangs, here's a couple of guys out of Massachusetts who took their band name from a George C. Scott movie. They had a hard time getting a record deal, so they set up a thing called Dial-A-Song. You would dial it, and it would play a song on their phone machine. They changed it every single day for a couple of years. Here's one they wrote about the fringe you find on somebody's forehead. Here's They Might Be Giants, with their song, 'Bangs'.
  • [6:26] - Bangs
  • [9:21] - Bob Dylan patter:
That was Bangs by They Might Be Giants.
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