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Fan Recaps and Comments:

  • As seems to be the modus operandi on the Spine Hits the Hiway tour, TMBG wrote a special song for the venue, entitled, "Trees", featuring lyrics from a poem about trees by english poet Henry Treece. The song is very catchy, in the style of Yes or ELP.
  • This show was particularly special for Corn Mo, who lived in Denton, TX and used to play alot of clubs in the Deep Ellum area. They brought him on stage to "duel" with John L. during Particle Man and you could tell he was just beaming.
  • The show itself was great as usual, and best of all Flans promised a whole different set of songs for the 7/18/2004 show.

Dan Miller wrote:

Did I mention that whole tour has been held in a boiling teapot? The heat has been brutal and Trees was the first placed we played that had decent air conditioning. Corn Mo joins the band on Particle man (he's from Denton, TX) and the crowd digs it. This gig has that great club feel and we tried to make the tape reflect that - a little more audience in the mix so the vibe would come through. Definitely the best looking set list of the tour - check the PDF to see Flans' fine illustrations.