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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

Ahhh the hallowed halls of the Fillmore - every time we play this place we're searching around for the TMBG Poster on the walls - I know its there cause I remember seeing it years ago. But since then we've been unable to locate it. If anybody knows where in the Fillmore it is could you let me know?
The Show - The Club song here is really strong. Put together entirely during sound check, it gets the vote for the "written closest to show time" award. Because the club tune is written and rehearsed the day of show, it's often forgotten by gig time. There ensues a mad scramble to get a tape of it up to the dressing room for reference. While the intro music is playing we were huddled around a laptop trying to hear the club tune through it's pitiful speakers. After all that I think it came out great.
Highlights of the show - Marty was is great form, check out his drumming on Robot Parade and the end of Fingertips. The Johns, as usual, put on a great show with loads of funny raps followed by buckets of great rock. For us, the Fillmore is a highlight of any tour - great people, great fans, great everything - the show reflects this as everyone is having a hootenanny of a time.
Oh yeah, the recording came out super clean and there are no edits on this one.


Review: Great show! I stood right in front of John Linnell. Man, he plays a mean keyboard and an even meaner accordion. It was pretty cool hearing Mammal live. This is also the best version of John Lee Supertaster ever. After the show I waited and waited until it was avaliable for download so I could put the song on my mp3 player. The same song also appears on iTunes' The Spine Hits The Road. Oh, and Sleepwalkers is a great song to end the live show with as it is quite unexpected.
after the show Marty Beller hung around for talking and handshaking. I asked him to sign the playlist, but I had no pen. Mr. Beller asked "Should I sign it with my blood?" I thought this was funny and didn't mind that I got no signature.


This is a review of the downloadable audio offered on the site. When I am considering shows to download, I consider three things: Venue/show's personal relationship (I went to the show, I live near the venue, it's my favorite venue etc.), set list (good songs, rare occurances etc.), and recording quality (clipping, distortion, live feel, fullness etc.). Dan Miller, in his recap, usually mentions the quality of the recording briefly. Those are what this review focuses on.
I love the audio quality of this show. The mix is full and clear, with nice deep bass and without a lot of tinniness. The band to audience mix is very good. This one really sounds like a live show and I love that. The recording quality of this one is a great reason to buy this show. There are some rare occurances of clipping, generally when a cymbal is hit too hard or the bass is plucked too hard. Clipping plagues a lot of the early show downloads so I am happy to say that it's not an issue on this download.
The set list is generally pretty standard, with the exception of "Don't Let's Start" and "Mammel" right in the middle of the set. The band has great energy and so does the crowd. The John's are full of funny raps and they add an extra pep to the show. This is a highlight of the first part of their tour.
This show is a great listen through and through. Definitely worth $9.99.
P.S. I am hoping that other people might start doing their own show download reviews wink wink.


We had the traditional waiting in line in San Francisco experience. Cold, windy, foggy. Hurray. details included a rather hilarious combination of 'hangman' and 'i-spy'. (complete with progressively more ornate illustrations.) and red vines.
But you don't care about that.
The opener was Corn Mo. And during his "We are the Champions" segment, where he talks about having a shitty job and quitting his shitty jobs and following his dream and that we should all quit our shitty jobs and follow our dreams, Becky kept punching me in the arm. Ouch, yes, I get your point...
The show itself was a lot of fun. They played not as much from "The Spine" or "The Spine Surfs Alone" as the two shows I saw in the midwest last month. I would have liked to have seen them perform more of the newer songs. (Okay, this is my opinion and you can agree or disagree with me, but I thought they had higher energy and were more enthusiastic on the new songs. On some of the older stuff they didn't seem as enthusiastic to me, particularly "Mammal.")
Part Two: Stage diving, Alien Vs. Predator and why dental hygiene is good.
At one point, Flans started talking about Alien Vs. Predator and then he and Linnell began asking if anyone had seen the sequels to these movies, (I didn't even know there was a 'Predator 3') The Alien VS. Predator concept was invoked again during the wave, where the floor (Predators) yelled "RAAWWWGGHH" and the balcony (Aliens)screamed "Reeeeeeeeeggh".
And then the balcony tried to spit acid at the floor and the then the floor yelled a lot and tried to climb into the balcony...oh, wait that didn't happen. Sorry. :)
Before 'Stalk of Wheat', Dan Miller was messing around with the Flexatone (sp?) and then Flans started to pull his vocal mike right next to Miller's, (imagine the Beatles) while wondering aloud how the Beatles did that, to which Linnell replied "They probably brushed their teeth." (Sorry.... writing this really fast on a ten minute break and that was kind of a visual thing.) And then they sang the chorus that way. It was pretty cute.
Oh yes, and the ill-fated stage diver. I remember turning to my right and suddenly seeing a fellow who was NOT a member of the band onstage, then I saw Danny Weinkauf (who looked pissed) grab the guy, spin him around and start pushing him with one hand off of the stage. The guy jumped...and nobody caught him, apparently he fell right on his noggin. Oh, stage diving. SO 1992. As John Flansburgh said a minute later, "let us weep an invisible tear for the mistakes of our youth."
The funniest moment during the show was when Dan Miller had walked over to the keyboards for "Dr. Worm" and Flans started to say something along the lines about Miller being like Lon Chaney...and then Miller gave him this look of "I don't know if I should laugh or kick your ass", whereupon Flans began laughing uncontrollably and saying that he didn't mean that Miller was a monster (I'm paraphrasing, if you've downloaded the show, you probably can hear what he was saying) and then I think Linnell jumped in and was trying to say things like Miller was kind of the man of a 1,000 instruments and that he was a monster of... talent. (again paraphrasing.)
It was so funny, because it was just really loopy and spontaneous, which is why I really love this band.
This was probably the best show of theirs I've seen at the Fillmore. Everyone in the band seemed really happy and like they were throughly enjoying themselves, almost 360 degrees from last year at the Great American Music Hall, which were kind of strained, low energy shows.
As, I've said before, I think Marty Beller is kicking that band in the butt, which is great. The shows are all the better for it. He also said that San Francisco is his favorite place to play in the country when we talked to him after the show. :)

This download includes incredible versions of Birdhouse, Supertaster, Fingertips, Sleepwalkers, and I Palindrome I. The "I walk along darkened corridors" jam at the end of Fingertips gives me goosebumps its so good. Buy this show. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 23:25, 8 March 2006 (UTC)