So Long, Mockingbird (Demo)

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song name So Long, Mockingbird
artist Mono Puff
releases John Flansburgh's Mono Puff
year 1995
run time 1:44
sung by Mark Donato, Robin Goldwasser, Nancy Lynn Howell, Jay Sherman-Godfrey


  • This demo is a completely a cappella version of the song sung by Mark Donato, Robin Goldwasser, Nancy Lynn Howell, and Jay Sherman-Godfrey.
  • Speaking of the later studio version found on Unsupervised, Flansburgh said, "This was intended to be a group a cappella number, but at rehearsal it was obvious that the fellas felt funny singing without their instruments, so we did it this way. That's Hal at the mighty Hammond B3 organ. The vocal was recorded as a guide track for the band, and then kept for this recording."
  • This was the only song from the John Flansburgh's Mono Puff Hello EP that couldn't be heard on TMBG Clock Radio.

Song Themes

A Capella, Animals, Mind Control / Hypnotism, Non-John Vocals, Telecommunication, Transportation


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