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song name Tryptophane
artist Mono Puff
releases John Flansburgh's Mono Puff (as "Tryptophan"), The Devil Went Down To Newport (EP), TMBG Clock Radio (as "Triptaphane")
year 1995
run time 1:36
sung by John Flansburgh


  • This track originally appeared on the John Flansburgh's Mono Puff Hello EP and is the only track on that CD that wasn't re-recorded for its later release.
  • This track was one of the three songs released on the The Devil Went Down To Newport single that wasn't on any Mono Puff LP. It is about the myth that consuming the tryptophan in turkey will make you drowsy.
  • Despite what the title and pronunciation suggest, the proper spelling is "tryptophan" with no "e" at the end. Many amino acids, protein and other major biological chemicals started out with a silent -e on the end, but this has been dropped in most cases. Those retaining it were too well-known to have the spelling changed (e.g., caffeine, cf. caffein [although coming from the German 'koffein']; keratin, cf. keratine [old spelling]).

Song Themes

Altered States, Animals, Body Parts, Holidays, Science


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