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Original non-instrumental songs that do not have their full title sung in the song's lyrics.

Title not in lyrics[edit]

Title sung partially[edit]

Title sung pluralized[edit]

Title sung with repetition of words[edit]

Special cases[edit]

  • AKA Driver - The song's original title of "NyQuil Driver" is sung, but the title was changed at Elektra's request.
  • Thankful For Your Service - The song was originally released on 27: The Most Perfect Album under the eponymous name "3rd Amendment". The song was later re-released for Dial-A-Song 2018 and was renamed to a lyric from the song.
  • The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) - While never sung, the subtitle exists because Elektra insisted that it be there, presumably to give credit where due.
  • The songs from the Venue Songs project are officially titled on commercial releases after the cities in which they were performed, rather than the names of the venues that feature in the songs' lyrics, likely to avoid potential trademark infringement. The band has internally referred to the songs by the venue names when adding them to concert setlists and introducing them onstage.

Honorable mention[edit]

  • All Alone - Possibly also called "Ballad Of The Sneeze", which is not said in the song.
  • When The Lights Come On - The title is given as "When The Light Comes On" on the I Like Fun album packaging and many places online, but the band stated this was an error.
  • Lincoln, The Else, Glean, The Escape Team, and BOOK are the only studio albums that do not have their name on the regular CD or LP front cover. However, The Else, Glean, and BOOK were sold with shrinkwrap stickers that mention both the title and artist.

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