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John Flansburgh played guitar at El Grupo De Rock And Roll's very first show.
This article is about the instrument. For the song, see "The Guitar". For transcribed chords and tablatures to They Might Be Giants songs, see Guitar Tabs

Guitars have been prominent in They Might Be Giants songs, both on stage and in the studio, since the band's start.

Co-founding member John Flansburgh is the main guitar player. In the late 90s, Dan Miller joined as lead guitarist. Other guitar players have worked with the group over the years, including Eric Schermerhorn, Jay Sherman-Godfrey, and Jonathan Gregg. John Linnell has also played guitar on occasion, notably in "The Big Big Whoredom", "Mainstream U.S.A.", "Mr. Klaw", "Louisiana", and "West Virginia" from his State Songs album.

John Flansburgh[edit]

Flansburgh has used a variety of guitars on stage and in the studio, including:

Guitars of lesser note[edit]

John Flansburgh likes to keep his social media updated with his instrument purchases.

Flansburgh has spoken at length about the difficulties of playing right-handed guitars strung for left-handed players.[12]

Dan Miller[edit]

Miller has used:

  • Gibson ES-335 (yellow) - Purchased in late 2001. Used in the video for "Cloisonné" (2011) and recorded with on Join Us [13]
  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (goldtop) - Dan's live guitar rig since 2005
  • Gibson SG Zoot Suit (rainbow) - Purchased in 2010
  • Fender Stratocaster (black) - Dan's live guitar rig since 1999. The neck single coil pickup is replaced with a humbucker pickup
  • Fender Telecaster (red) - Dan's live guitar rig since 1999. Also used in videos for "Fake-Believe (Type B)" , "D Is For Drums", "Robot Parade (ABCs Version)", "Sleepwalkers (ABCs Version)" (2005)
  • Hamer SATQ (honeyburst; no pickguard) - Miller has owned a sunburst one in some shows in 2001.
  • Danelectro D56 (aqua) - Dan's original guitar. In the early 2000s, it was used as a MIDI guitar for live performances, often on songs such as "She's Actual Size".
  • Epiphone Acoustic (yellow orange)- Used in live performances when acoustic guitar is featured on certain songs.
  • National Val-Pro 82 map guitar (scarlet) - played on The Tonight Show and occasionally appears as a stunt guitar at hometown shows
  • A yet-unidentified natural brown Gretsch single cutaway hollow body with a Bigsby and two humbuckers, which was used during the first leg of the 2018 tour

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