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The very first They Might Be Giants show, performed under the name "El Grupo De Rock And Roll" at a Sandinista rally in Central Park. "We played a FSLN rally outside somewhere on the Great Lawn of Central Park for what one could safely assume was an entirely Spanish-speaking audience and mostly bona fide Sandinistas. We got a positive reaction, but they were already in a very good mood."[1]

From Mailing List Archive/2002-08-13:

It seems like a very fuzzy yesterday to me that John and I were carrying the majestic but ponderously weighty Farfisa organ over the rock walls that border the cab route going through the middle of the park. I recall we played "Cowtown" and "Space Suit" (with Linnell playing the clarinet) Other songs I vaguely remember are "Penguin" (sample lyric:"penguin, penguin, all alone and lost, standing, sitting, looks for a place to park") and "Cabbagetown" (which ultimately became an Elektra b-side) It would be 1983 before we played out again (where we would incorporate the cutting edge technology of the 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder) but the first one was there, and you are all invited to celebrate its anniversary!