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Songs that premiered on the They Might Be Giants Podcast, some of which were released on Podcast Highlights or Cast Your Pod To The Wind.

All songs created/performed by TMBG unless otherwise noted.

Podcast 1A[edit]

Podcast 2A[edit]

Podcast 3A[edit]

Podcast 5A[edit]

Podcast 5B[edit]

Podcast 6A[edit]

Podcast 6B[edit]

Podcast 6C[edit]

Podcast 7A[edit]

Podcast 8A[edit]

Podcast 9A[edit]

Podcast 11A[edit]

Podcast 21A[edit]

Podcast 23A[edit]

Podcast 27A[edit]

Podcast 31A[edit]

Podcast 33A[edit]

Podcast 34A[edit]

Podcast 35A[edit]

Podcast 37A[edit]

Podcast 41[edit]

Podcast 42[edit]

Podcast 43[edit]

Podcast 44[edit]

Podcast 45[edit]

Podcast 46[edit]

Podcast 47[edit]

Podcast 48[edit]

Podcast 50[edit]

Podcast 56[edit]