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Songs I have heard live, in the flesh, as The Audience. No order or relevance here. I just grabbed the known set lists from the shows I have seen, and took out any doubles. There are probably a few more I have heard live, but good luck in ever scoring a set list from the 1992 and 1995 shows I attended.

It's a sortable table, so click the "song" header for alphabetical order.

Song Notes
Purple Toupee
Lady Is A Tramp TRAMP!
Sleeping In The Flowers They totally rocked this song out. Totally.
XTC Vs. Adam Ant
Snail Shell
Severe Tire Damage Theme
New York City My wife says this is one of our songs.
Battle For The Planet Of The Apes I can't recall if I was people or apes. *Shrug*
She's Actual Size The page says the Giants think the live version has evolved better. I like the album.
They Got Lost
Working Undercover For The Man
Spy Not my favorite song off John Henry, but the jam session was fun.
Mr. Tambourine Man Flansy broke into this in the middle of Spy. I've always loved the song and loved Flansy's version.
Somebody Stole My Hairstyle
Particle Man
Born In A Graveyard
Shoehorn With Teeth
Don't Let's Start
Exquisite Dead Guy For one of the concerts the Johns had heads on sticks, I really liked that.
I Am Not Your Broom
Victorious Intro
Robot Parade (Adult Version) CHILDREN, OBEY WHAT THE ROBOTS SAY!
Ana Ng I've always been the guy in the crowd singing my misheard lyric, "Why was the vegetable one who had been there?"
Cyclops Rock
Lie Still, Little Bottle The Stick broke the one time I saw it used.
Fingertips I was so happy to see this live!
Your Racist Friend My 1992 concert was in a gymnasium, there were wicked conga lines to this one.
Till My Head Falls Off Oh, this rocked live. Loved it.
Turn Around
The Guitar
Boss Of Me I didn't watch Malcolm in the Middle, so this song was "meh" to me.
Elusive Butterfly
She's An Angel
Orff Intro
Answer This was the opener to the 2015 concert I attended - thus it was the first live TMBG song my daughter experienced.
Number Three
Authenticity Trip
The Mesopotamians
Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2
I Can Help The Next In Line I was there the first time this was ever played live.
James K. Polk
Theme From Flood
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Lucky Ball & Chain
Miller Time
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
We Want A Rock
Stompy Intro
With The Dark
Bills, Bills, Bills I was there the first time it was played in concert! I did not recognize it when played. A friend screamed in my ear that it was a Beyoncé cover.
Underwater Woman
Older Three out of my five live shows wiere in my birth month of April, so it's often apropos.
Man, It's So Loud In Here
Can't Keep Johnny Down
Why Does The Sun Shine? Who knew the suns reaction was caused by Jimmy Cater reacting with himself? Thanks, Flansy!
Let Me Tell You About My Operation
32 Footsteps I didn't expect to ever hear this one live, was happy to when I did!
The Famous Polka HEY!
Good To Be Alive I was there the first time this was ever played live.
Doctor Worm They played this TWICE at one of the concerts.
Pittsburgh Venue songs came out during my 14-year dry period of concerts. Enjoyed hearing it at Mr. Smalls!
When Will You Die
Robot Parade Robots, obey what the children say!