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What We Know[edit]

  • TMBG is working with The Dust Brothers.
  • TMBG is working with Pat Dillett.
  • It will be released sometime early in 2007.
  • TMBG calls it their "legendary new rock album," which brings back memory of The Spine being hailed as a "psychedelic rock masterpiece"

Definite tracks[edit]

Possible tracks[edit]

Song premieres from the Beardo 2006 Tour[edit]

Song premieres from the TMBG Podcast[edit]

  • Considered notable enough to relaunch Dial-A-Song, featured in a podcast yet not included on Podcast Highlights, played on the 2006 tour, and featured in a Paste Culture Club radio session in a piece looking ahead to the next album. It's got a pretty solid case. However, often mentioned at shows and other appearances as a "podcast exclusive" track.
  • VERY strong case. In spite of a studio version being included on Podcast Highlights, the major tour of the year was called "Beardo 2006", featured this song, and it has appeared, along with We Live In A Dump, in the Paste Culture Club radio session.

Miscellaneous premieres[edit]

  • Contrecoup - made when John Linnell was challenged by the radio show The Next Big Thing to create a song using three obscure words. It was from January 2005, and during its radio premiere, Linnell remarked "it may be some time before the song gets put in some" official form, so it is probably unlikely (though still possible) that Contrecoup will appear on the new album.
  • Homunculus - TMBG's Myspace (November 2006)
  • Sounds polished enough to make the next album, and the first song to premiere on their Myspace page.

Complete speculation[edit]

Feel free to add any album titles or songs that you think might be a part of the next album.

Add a + for things you like, - for the opposite, and 0 for no strong decision - one vote per song, in that order.

Mentioned Titles[edit]

These titles have been mentioned by a member of TMBG in either jest or seriousness:

  • Screw You (mentioned at the 7/01/06 show) (+)
  • Integrity Project ("Integrity Project with the Dust Brothers" mentioned at the 6/30/06 show) (+)
  • Major Label Debut (mentioned at the 8/25/06 show) (+)
  • Before the Accident (mentioned in their WFUV interview on 12/05/06)

Possible Titles[edit]

  • This Might Be Good (+---00)
  • Beardo (++++++++++----000)
  • Deranged Millionaire (++++++++++++++--------------------00000)
  • Don Quixote (+)
  • Trapped In Formaldehyde (+++----0)
  • Escalator to Nowhere (++++++++++++++++++++++------00000)
  • Galvanic Skin Response (++---)
  • Here Come the Meteors (+)
  • Insolent Insomniac (+)
  • Japanese Fingerprints (+)
  • Memory Cleared (0+)
  • My Name Is John (+-+-------00)
  • Quarter of a Century (+)
  • Mysterious Next (++------)
  • No Answer (+++++++++++++++----------0000000)
  • Often Broken (++++++++++++----------0000000000)
  • Our Name Is John (++++++-----0)
  • Plexiglass Globe (++---------0000)
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (++++++----------------0)
  • Secret Mountain Laboratory (one of the titles considered for Mink Car)(++)
  • Seriously, Touch The Puppet Head! (++++++--------------------0)
  • The Skull Album (+-----00)
  • Smell the Glove (+++++-----------------------------00) HA! Going Spinal Tap are they?
  • Substantial Gain (++------------000)
  • Surgical Mask (++-------------0)
  • Taste The Fame (++-------)
  • That Jefferson Guy (+0------)
  • The Taste of Progress (++++---------0)
  • They Dust (+)
  • Something with a big word in it. (++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----0000000)
  • Something with a swear word in it (++++++++---------------------------000)
  • Touch My Dad (++++----------------------------00)
  • Unisphere (++++++++-------00000)
  • Unrecognizable Thing (+++++++-------------0) This is so an EP title
  • Unreliable Narrator (+++++++++++++-----0000)
  • Unoriginal Flying Object
  • V. infernalis (+++--000)
  • Vanderbilt (++----)
  • We Apologize For the Misunderstanding, but No We Are Not in Fact Giants. (++++++++++++++++------------------------00)
  • We're Old, Get Used to it! Now where's my aspirin? (++++++----------------------------------)
  • There go the ABC's (+---)
  • Why Did You Grow A Beard? (++++++++++++------------------------00000000000)
  • Year of the Might be Giant (++++--------)
  • Lost in my Brain (+++++++---0)
  • That cloud spells my name (+++---0)
  • Unassuming Counterpart (Tried to name my band this but nope, they weren't having it)(++--0)
  • Something about how they may also may or may not be windmills. (++++++++-----------000)
  • Something having to do with the numbers 12 and 24 (the album number, and the number of years that They have been around (+++++++--------0)
  • Some sort of date, like 4 Oct 2005 (++------------)
  • Something witty and inventive that none of us would have thought of (+++++++)
  • Something to do with puppets, such as Death By Puppets or Puppets With Exploding Heads or Puppet Theatere or just Puppets. (++)
  • Integrity Project ("Integrity Project with the Dust Brothers" mentioned at the 6/30/06 show) (+++---0)

What songs do you hope will be on Their next album?[edit]

(If there is a song you think will be on, but you wouldn't want to be on, write it here and put a - by it.)