Dog On Fire

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song name Dog on Fire
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Podcast 47
year 1999
first played March 2, 2005 (1 known performances)
run time 0:57 in the podcast, length varies elsewhere
sung by Note.svg Instrumental


  • Also called "The Daily Show Theme", this song was written by Bob Mould, who performed the version that was used as the theme to The Daily Show during Craig Kilborn's tenure as host. When Jon Stewart took over the show, it was supplanted with this TMBG recording. The band still receives royalties from this song[1].
  • There are multiple versions of the song. The version released on Podcast 47 is used for the closing credits of The Daily Show. The music played over the opening sequence is from a different arrangement of the song, which remains unreleased.
  • We found ourselves very much out of obligations and just started looking around for TV work. And the first thing we did was for ABC. They had big budgetary constraints, and they heard some orchestral stuff we did for ‘This American Life,’ maybe? I’m not really sure. So we did all these sorts of fake John Williams' cues for this ‘Nightline’ science series, and they were completely bombastic. That gave the producers at the ‘Daily Show’ the idea to get us to do their music package. They were sitting in a room scouring through news programs every day, and I’m sure they saw in the credits, ‘bombastic news music by They Might Be Giants’ and thought, ‘This is a perfect match: people who have a sense of humor but who can also give the veneer of real fake news music to our show.’ And that’s what we were brought on for. And then we just redid the theme.[2]

Song Themes

Animals, Fire, TMBG Remakes, TV And Movie Themes


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