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Fan Recaps and Comments:


As My First TMBG Concert, i absolutely loved it. They made the audience laugh more then once with their jokes about this and that throughout the show and Flansburgh took some guy's cell phone during the show and pretended to use it. Pretty entertaining. Also they played almost all my favorites, with the exception of They'll Need A Crane and Purple Toupee. But all in all it was a fabulous show, i hope to see them again real soon.


Awesome super-energetic performance, and a stellar setlist to boot. Turn Around was a great surprise, but The Cap'm and We're The Replacements were probably the highlights of the setlist for me. Definitely Cap'm, anyway. Amazingly, after all the singing, jumping and Ana Ng-dancing we did in Nyack, my friends and I still managed to stay awake the next twelve hours or so to successfully nab our Nintendo Wiis launch day morning. What a night. :D


Boy do my hands hurt from pounding on the stage for those encores. Great show though, great weekend in general. Wii and TMBG!

ill masta:

Not only was this my first TMBG show, it was my first actual concert, and what a concert it was. The Cap'm was incredible, and the entire setlist was amazing. My arm was sore for a few days afterward from thrusting my TMBG foam finger in the air all night, and I think I hit the man sitting next to me while I was doing the Ana Ng dance. A truly incredible experience, and like others here, I picked up a Wii the next day. Best weekend of my life.


it was also my first TMBG concert and first concert. i had an amazing time and am really looking forward to seeing them live again. it was my girlfriend's phone that Flansburgh took, she was taking pictures with it because i left my camera home.


It was my first TMBG Concert and i must say it was awsome!!! My phone getting taken was by far a hilarious moment for me, but then again so was worrying about whether or not i'd get it back!! Can't wait for the Concert in Asbury Park!!!


I went to this show with a couple of friends (and hand puppets), and it was an awesome night. One of my friends who tagged along was not a TMBG fan and had previously had a lukewarm response to their music. After this amazing show, even he had to concede that they put on a great live show and had some great songs. The night was fun, and they played most of their big hits, as well as some fan favorites. After the show we got Dan Miller to sign the Burger King crowns we were wearing, and saw Flans in the parking lot. Can't wait till they're in the area again.