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A list of US states mentioned or referenced. Obviously this would include Linnell's State Songs, but there are a few more.

Central theme[edit]

State Songs

  1. Illinois
  2. The Songs Of The 50 States
  3. West Virginia
  4. South Carolina
  5. Idaho
  6. Montana
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Utah
  9. Arkansas
  10. Iowa - "Casting a spell on Vermont"
  11. Mississippi
  12. Maine
  13. Oregon
  14. Michigan
  15. New Hampshire
  16. Nevada

Montana (Single)

The Statesmen


Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • C Is For Conifers - "the great California sequoia redwood"
  • Creepy - "A survey of California"
  • The Edison Museum - "The tallest, widest, and most famous haunted mansion in New Jersey"
  • Havalina - Arizona
  • Hello Mrs. Wheelyke - Mississippi and Pennsylvania
  • Hi We're They Might Be Giants - "Hi, we're They Might Be Giants! On WFMU! 91.1 East Orange, New Jersey! Frank O'Tooooole....Shooooow."
  • Imaginary Friend - "I can disappear in a Store24, and re-emerge distorted and small, back in deepest darkest Massachusetts..." (Store24 is a convenience store chain in New England).
  • James K. Polk - "And made the English sell the Oregon Territory"
  • Lake Monsters - Massachusetts, California
  • New York City - Mostly about the city, but it does mention "The Empire State", which is the nickname of New York (even though it refers to the Empire State Building)
  • Omaha - Nebraska
  • Too Tall Girl - "Knows more etiquette than Connecticut"
  • Where Do They Make Balloons? - "New York has tall buildings, New Jersey has its malls"

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