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References to geographical locations.

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Ana Ng - "...exit wound in a foreign nation..." The video for this song also shows a map of a, well, foreign nation at this point in the song.
  • Dark And Metric - "North, east, west, and south"
  • Elephants - "A house built in Sri Lanka"
  • Hello Mrs. Wheelyke - "If you someday find you're in Budapest, Hungary"
  • Kings Of The Cave - "Thousand feet from Madagascar"
  • Lake Monsters - "Lake monsters of the USA, From Cape Cod, to Massachusetts, All across America From Chicago to East California"
  • Long White Beard - "Like Zeus on Mount Olympus"
  • Never Knew Love - "Cartography is not my métier, and the mountainsides of daydreams too steep for me today"
  • Olive The Other Reindeer - "The North Pole fog"
  • On The Drag - 1st Avenue, Avenue A and St. Mark's Place in New York City
  • Sleeping In The Flowers - "I declare that I am England"
  • Starry Eyes - "While you were off in France we were stranded on the British Isles"
  • Untitled - "Another child is born in India every time you call this number, right?"
  • Zilch - "China Clipper calling Alameda"

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