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song name Nebraska
artist John Linnell
releases Unreleased, Stumpbox III The Ceaseless Screaming
year 1999
first played November 14, 1999 (11 known performances)
run time 2:12
sung by John Linnell


  • This song was written and originally performed by Bruce Springsteen, telling the true story of Charles Starkweather's eight-day killing spree with his young girlfriend, set to a fairly spooky melody. John Linnell's live renditions tended to be a bit more rockin' than the original recording.
  • The only known recordings are performed live with The Statesmen.
  • This song appears twice on Stumpbox 3.

Song Themes

Cities, Criminal Activities, Death, Everything, Jail And Imprisonment, Numbers, Religion, Supernatural, Time, TMBG Remakes, Transportation, US States, Violence


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