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Don't Tread on the Cut-Up Snake World Tour 1992 was the official name of They Might Be Giants' 1992 world tour in support of Apollo 18. Tour T-shirts also named this tour "TMBG's Extra Crispy World Tour 1992".

Consisting of the Apollo 18 Tour, the Apollo 18 World Tour and TMBG Rocktoberfest, it was also the band's first tour to feature a live band: JD Feinberg on the drums, Tony Maimone on bass guitar, and Kurt Hoffman on saxophones, clarinet, and keyboard.

The name of the tour refers to the snake symbol used to unite the American colonies during the French and Indian War and also the American Revolution; an image of a cut-up snake appears in Benjamin Franklin's famous "Join, or Die" political cartoon, and the Gadsden flag contains the phrase, "Don't tread on me."

According to the TMBG Summer 1992 Information Bulletin, it featured 38 dates, starting 6/16/92 and ending 8/15/92, with 31 more dates advertised in a postcard, which included a series of "Rocktoberfest" dates at the Variety Arts Theatre. An additional fourteen dates were posted by Bo Orloff to in November 1992:

Don't Tread On The Cut-Up Snake WORLD TOUR 1992

11/15 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
11/16 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
11/17 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall *
11/19 San Juan Cap, CA   The Coach House *
11/20 Los Angeles, CA    Fairfax High
11/21 Ventura, CA        Ventura Theater *
11/22 Fullerton, CA      Cal State
11/25 Honolulu, HI       Pink's Garage
11/29 Tokyo, JAPAN       On AIr
11/30 Tokyo, JAPAN       On Air
12/2  Osaka, JAPAN       Club Quattro
12/3  Kyoto, JAPAN       Muse Hall
12/4  Nagoya, JAPAN      Club Quattro
12/6  Tokyo, JAPAN       Club Quattro

* Special "First Album Live" Shows- TMBG will
  perform all 19 songs from their debut album live
  and in sequence at these shows.

NOTE- The Nov 14th show at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
       has been CANCELLED. Sorry. 

See Shows/1992 for a full listing of the shows, as only ones with pages are listed below.



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