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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $18.50.

Review from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (July 22, 1992):

ATTENDANCE: A sold-out crowd of 1,600

THE CROWD: Young, adoring and with an uncanny memory of every TMBG song ever recorded.

POGOER'S DELIGHTS: Many, but among them I Palindrome I, The Statue Got Me High and the immortal Purple Toupee.

Review from The Dallas Morning News (July 22, 1992):

The sold-out show opened with the jazzy, guitarless She's Actual Size, from the Giants' fourth and latest album, Apollo 18. Early on, the group appeared to be having an off night.
They got untracked on 32 Footsteps from their self-titled debut record, their latest single I Palindrome I and a rewrite of The Lion Sleeps Tonight called The Guitar. Messrs. Hoffman and Linnell played bleating saxophones, and Mr. Flansburgh and many of the 1,500 people in the audience hopped around.
A couple of stage divers led Mr. Flansburgh to warn the crowd that their behavior could bring the show to an early close. The Giants then hit a little bit of a stride with the countryesque Piece of Dirt and their best song, Ana Ng.
That was followed by Your Racist Friend, Boat of Car and The Statute Got Me High, all of which pointed up the problems with the big-band approach. Despite their roots in the Manhattan scene -- where the noisy No-Wave movement was born -- the Giants are a pop band.
But Mr. Hoffman's presence in particular led the group to partake in some unnecessary noise-jams. His band, the Ordinaires, is part of No-Wave.

Late in the show, Mr. Flansburgh asked for requests, and the group did a silly version of the 1812 Overture. Between the heavy sound and their quirky songs, They Might Be Giants outsmarted themselves.

Older Still:

This was my very first TMBG show. Attended with my younger brother and girlfriend at the time. Show was in the fabulous Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX. Can't recall the opening act. Also the set list is very foggy at best. I did keep some notes on the show in an old "ticket journal."
In no particular order: "Cowtown,""Lie Still, Still Little Bottle,""Purple Toupee,""32 Footsteps," "Boat of Car,""(She Was A) Hotel Detective,""Kiss Me, Son of God,""She's An Angel,""Your Racist Friend,""We Want A Rock,""I Palindrome I,""Mammal,""See The Constellation,""Piece of Dirt,""1812 Overture(Stump the Band),"Particle Man," "Birdhouse in Your Soul,""Frankenstein."
I'm sure there had to be a few more, esp. stuff from Apollo 18. Excellent show! Many songs performed that night that I've never heard TMBG play again.