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Setlist: (incomplete and possibly out of order)


They Might Be Giants
— with Connie Campagne opening —
Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA
November 16, 1992

Fan Recaps and Comments:

"More from the alternative front" by Glenn Rubenstein
Petaluma Argus Courier, Nov. 20, 1992:

There was a 30-minute wait while They Might Be Giants prepared to take the stage. Once they did, all hell broke loose. There was lots of screaming, jumping, and even a friendly mosh pit.

Mr. Flansburgh and Mr. Linnell (accompanied by a rhythm section) then went fourth in unleashing all the fans' favorite songs, from old ("Don't Let's Start," "Ana Ng," "She's An Angel," "Twisting," and "Purple Toupee") to new ("Dinner Bell," "The Statue Got Me High," "Narrow Your Eyes," "I Palindrome I," and "The Guitar").

Then they even played something unique with their "Spin The Dial" feature (John Flansburgh stated that they have stopped Stump The Band due to the fact that there are only about 25 songs that get requested and they'd like something different).
Flansburgh grabbed a radio, started flipping through the stations, and settled on doing a cover of The Police's "Every Breath You Take." They then wrapped up the show after about an hour and a half, then came back for an encore of one of the popular hits (a remake of the '50s "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)".)

The crowd was packed in there, and the show ended well, John Flansburgh even came out afterwards and signed some autographs.