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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I was a new TMBG fan at the time, and I just remember being thrilled to see them. The crowd was huge, mostly college students, and I think the only song I knew at the time was Istanbul, Birdhouse, and the songs from Flood. Now I see them every year in St. Louis.


I thought I saw Them in 1990 during the Flood tour, but the only Boston show that year was at the Orpheum Theater. The show I recall was definitely outdoors at the Hatchshell. This show would have been in support of Apollo 18. The other confusing thing is that I remember someone from a newspaper or magazine talking and saying "This is their first album" and my friend and I looked at each other and poked fun at this because this was their third. But memory is fickle. This would have been a free show, which is likely why my best friend and I were there. I had "discovered" TMBG when Flood was released, and this was my first opportunity to see them. We had to stand, scrunched under a hot-air balloon shaped inflatable thing with some ad on it. For the crowd participation portion of the show, they did the "car crash," with one half the crowd doing the screech and the other the crash (if I am remembering correctly - it's been a while).