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Setlist: (Incomplete and likely out of order)

Encore 1:

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Matt Edwards (, Nov. 23, 1992):

I'm glad there were no chairs! I hate when lots of Yellow Shirts

are in attendance and insist that you stay in your chair. They let everyone dance to their hearts content (No dude-passing tho).
This god-awful band opened up, I don't remember the name. It was the same guy who was on tour with them when they played in Michigan circa the Flood days. Back then it was just this guy by himself playing a guitar and a ukelele. YUK This time he had a band, and just about everyone hated them...
Quoth the singer: 'Well, since your attitute is so great, we'll just have to play the song again, with the ukelele...'
(Which they did)
Then they got ticked off and played 'Born to be wild' ;)
Eventually TMBG come on and opened to 'The Guitar'. Most of the set was similar to others I've seen posted. The bass player loused up on 'Number 3' and kept playing during one of the saxophone parts. He and accordian John exchanged smiles with that...
The 'Spin the dial' was 'Thunder and lighting' (??) or 'Knock on wood' (??) by Sam and Dave (I think). It sounded like 'Soul man' but was some other song. They all seemed to pull it off pretty well! The bass solo left a bit to be desired but as a bass player I tend to be over-critical!
They also did hideaway folk family with everyone doing the brooklyn car-alarm sounds, everyone over 200 lbs has to shout Hey you! Get away from my car! I personally wanted to 'scream as if I was in hell' but I guess they weren't into that. *smile*
For the most part the audience was cool, there were some people just kinda standing around with a dazed expression as if they weren't sure what to make of it all.
This concert was louder than their previous, 'Constallation' was so loud and distorted you couldn't make out any of the parts. Thist didn't prevent me from doing the berserker-bonzo dance and getting strange looks from everyone.
The first encore was this horrid rendition of 'We are the world' wich was sang devoid of verses (thankfully) and even the chorus was chopped of a few worlds. It was interesting. The second encore included the strange version of Istanbul which has guitar john picking up one of the green stage lights and shining it at his face for a eerie effect.
Guitar John was also outside at the T-shirt booth signing shirts after the show but I was really tired and didn't feel like fighting the lines to have my back scrawled on.  :)
One other note about this show - Accordian John seemed to mumble words to songs even more than in past shows. It bugs me when he drags out the words to a point of incoherency *grin*

All in all, it was a cool show!