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Jonathan Feinberg

Jonathan "JD" Feinberg, nicknamed "The Doctor of Sound," was They Might Be Giants' first touring drummer (as confirmed by this answering machine message from John Flansburgh). He spent six months of 1992 on the Don't Tread on the Cut-Up Snake tour in support of Apollo 18, and performed "The Statue Got Me High" with the band on The Tonight Show. He recorded one song with the band at the time, "O Tannenbaum". In 2002, he provided percussion on "Now That You're One Of Us". He's also featured on the CD The Best Of Mountain Stage Live Volume Five, drumming on "Particle Man".

Flansburgh: "We've got a guy in the band whose name is remarkably close to mine. The drummer's name is Jon Feinberg. We actually call him J.D. Feinberg, just to avoid having another John." (The Baltimore Sun, September 18, 1992)

Feinberg currently works as a programmer for Google in Cambridge, MA. While working for IBM Research, he developed "Wordle", a cool tool that generates "word clouds." To check out Wordle, click here.

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