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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review from The Richmond Times-Dispatch (July 30, 1992):

The Giants, who appeared Tuesday night at Floodzone, delivered an engaging 90-minute set of offbeat and eclectic pop to an enthusiastic crowd... Backed by a drummer, saxophonist-keyboardist and bass (Tony Maimone, late of Pere Ubu), the two principals traded vocal chores throughout the evening in a set that included large chunks of the Giants' two latest albums.

"Birdhouse in Your Soul," perhaps their signature tune, came off exactly like effervescent, Monkees-style retro-pop -- anthem-like and harmony-filled -- that demonstrate Linnet's and Flansburgh's almost compulsive efforts to do homage to their sources -- except for the words, colorful non-sequiturs that carried the homage practically to point of a parody.
Songs like "Actual Size," "My Evil Twin," "I Palindrome I" and "The Statue Got Me High" from the "Apollo 18" album seemed to draw from the same inspiration, and overall set the dominant tone for the concert.

That meant less emphasis on the quirky, unusual possibilities for more offbeat and musically adventurous offerings that took advantage of the band's odd lineup of instruments. But a couple of these were "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," "Mammals" and the Celtic-flavored "Whistling In The Dark."