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Setlist: (incomplete and out of order)


Fan Recaps and Comments:

The band played a good show, announcing that the conservative Dartmouth Review newspaper had given them T shirts, and that "We will not wear them." They played Stump The Band, and the song was The Unicorn Song, which Linnell mostly improvised, the best line being, "And the unicorns were sad because... uh... they weren't on the Ark."

Tracks played, in no given order, and far far far from complete, are Birdhouse, See the Constellations, 32 Footsteps, Piece of Dirt, Ana Ng, Twisting, Your Racist Friend, Narrow Your Eyes, Hide Away Folk Family, Hall of Heads, The Guitar, Mammal, Someone Keeps Moving My Chair, If I Wasn't Shy. Encores included Dig My Grave, Frankenstein, and a ridiculous 10 minute version of Istanbul with a long avant garde reverb-heavy interlude, in which Linnell cackled "YOU CAN'T COME BACK TO CONSTANTINOPLE!" Tickets were sold at JB Jammin', which is no longer in business.

The concert was held at Webster Hall, which has since been converted to the library's special collections.