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Review by Rick Lynch:

The first half of show was the first album played in order, then came stuff from Lincoln, Flood, and Apollo 18. It was their first tour with a live band. They covered "Sixteen Tons" and "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter. My friend got kicked in the nuts by someone who was slamming during "She's an Angel." My girlfriend's brother was dancing flamenco in the lobby (I think we were at the Ventura theatre). He was wearing a Member's Only type of jacket, a moustache, and pegged pants. He was exactly ten years behind the times. He was also drinking a bunch of white russians as we were dancing. He had been in a car accident and was a little touched in the head as a result of the head injury he received. Flansburgh doodled on my friend's shirt before the show. We thought that he had drawn a bong, but later realized that it was an acoustic guitar. That's all I can remember for right now. Thanks. Enjoy.