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Fan Recaps and Comments:


  • Both Johns spoke at length about Linnell's new wireless accordion, and feared that, much like at the New Orleans show, it would once again malfunction on stage.
  • During Battle For The Planet Of The Apes, people (stage right) won. This may have been intentional, as Flansburgh commented that the apes would rise again, which they were instructed to during The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight).
  • While describing Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, their "exploitation album," they mentioned that they will not perform Tubthumping, as they prefer to play their own music. These comments were then followed by Crazy Train, introducing The Avatars of They segment.
  • In the introduction for Cloisonné, the Johns mentioned that they had quite a large collection of bass clarinets, obtained by bribing school custodians. At the end of the tour, they will donate them back to the schools they stole them from, as part of VH1's "Save the Music" program.
  • John Flansburgh forgot a substantial portion of the lyrics to Damn Good Times, and had to stop the song to comment how lucky he is to work with the rest of They Might Be Giants.
  • During the band intro, the Johns commented that this portion of the show is not actually music, but rather secret messages that the members of the band are sending to one another.
  • The three nicknames that were given out in this show were "The Mind-Body Problem," "Nice Lady," and "Juggernaut." The audience as a whole was noted as having a substantial number of beards.
  • The pair of audience members with masks of The Avatars of They, who were spotted at yesterday's Tampa show, once again were present at this one. Flansburgh wondered if they were going to open an Etsy store for their knitted products, but was cut short by "the people in the balcony asking for their money back." After the show, Flansburgh came back out to autograph the masks.


  • My first TMBG show! My level of enjoyment was off the charts. The above recap pretty much sums it up. If I had to pick one thing that has remained foremost in my mind, it's when they came out for the second encore and played Alphabet of Nations, which led into Istanbul (Not Constantinople). I was practically euphoric.
  • Before Birdhouse In Your Soul, Flansburgh presented a fan in the front row with a vinyl copy of Join Us.
    [Ed. note: It was actually before Marty Beller Mask - and the fan was my significant other, Bonnie!CapitalQ]
  • I feel a strange kind of "privileged" to have seen one of the rare live performances of "Marty Beller Mask". It wasn't long after this show that they retired it...
  • Upper-level (balcony) seating cost $20--but ended up being $38 after various fees were tacked on.