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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Yes, this was the first TMBG concert I've attended. Yes, I had a great time. Now onto the important things:
  • Flans bantered that he was smoking the best pot that he had ever smoked from the crowd and he didn't even have to smoke any pot.
  • Linnell smiles a lot more than I thought he would.
  • We didn't get a Dan M. intro to Istanbul, but we got an extended outro by the band.
  • Dan M. ascended to the balcony to play his solo at the end of Fingertips.
  • Linnell said that this show was the first time he had used a wireless accordion mic live. There was much interference, so HCISLAG had to be aborted and retried with a trusty old wired mic.
  • They ended the show with Clap Your Hands. :( They played just about everything that I hoped for Them to play except Don't Let's Start. That would have been an awesome end to the show.


A few other funny moments:
  • According to Flans, they are now "Marty Beller's They Might Be Giants."
  • A front-row fan was celebrating his birthday and received a signed record from the Johns. Flans remarked that the fan had an "impossible mustache" which "doesn't just happen."
  • "People" won the contest.
  • According to Flans, ARNATQ is a "collection of creepy songs."
  • The Blue Avatar said we should all make Pandor our "safe word."
  • Linnell's bass clarinet is an endangered species, akin to the "passenger pigeon."
  • During the wireless accordion troubles, Flans said Linnell has a "very short bucket list."