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Hi! I’m TitanicFog or Giants Jubilee Mightathon. I have OCD so I like to collect both physical and digital TMBG music and TMBG-related audio. I often work on pages that don’t have a lot on them such as the Stumpbox, Mundanes, and rare song pages you’ve never heard of. I make a lot of mistakes so feel free to correct me.

Giants Jubilee Mightathon's Collection

Digital Collection[edit]

I have every piece of TMBG studio audio released someway or another out there (to my knowledge) except the following:

Rockster (I have a copy but it's unconfirmed)

Doctor Evil vs. E2

Boss Of Me (Live Damn It's 2 Early)

She's Actual Size (Part I)

Snack Machine

Ooh La! Ooh La! (Demo)

The Egg (Live From Tulip Fest May 2006)

Ask Me Another

Touring In Australia

Bad Liquor - (Mono Puff)

Everything Happens To Me - (Mono Puff)

Dedicated (Live 98) - (Mono Puff)

It's Fun To Steal (Live 98) - (Mono Puff)

It's Fun To Steal (Promo) - (Mono Puff)

The Leonard Lopate Show Single

I am also looking for a copy of Mr. Correct without the movie sounds/Blu-ray rip of The Adjustment Bureau movie.

Feel free to contact me at if you're looking for something or have something on my list!

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