It's Fun To Steal LP Sampler

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It's Fun To Steal demo tape cover
It's Fun To Steal
Demo tape by Mono Puff
First released June 1997
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Tracks 12
Label Bar/None Length

The It's Fun to Steal LP Sampler is a scarce promotional cassette very different from the finished album, and was released almost a full year earlier. The promo differs from the album most notably through an alternate take of "Backstabbing Liar" and segues between many songs. "Taste The Bass" and "Extra Krispy" are not present on the cassette.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Creepy 3:11


2 Fun To Steal 3:43


3 Poison Flowers 2:03


4 Mr. Hughes Says 2:32


5 Backstabbing Liar (Alternate Version) ?  N/A
6 Dedicated Friend ? 
7 Imaginary Friend 3:06


8 Dashiki Lover 4:06


9 Hillbilly Drummer Girl 3:01


10 What Everybody Knows 3:13


11 Pretty Fly 2:09


12 Night Security 2:33