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About Me[edit]

If it wasn't for disappointment / I wouldn't have any appointments

Yo yo yo! I'm Terri or Ms. Xcitement and I'm a HUUUGE TMBG fan! I love the albums: Flood, They Might Be Giants (Album), Lincoln and John Henry, I also like Linnell's album, State Songs and the EP, Back To Skull as well! Some of my interests are writing, art, the 1990s and 1980s, cryptids, urban legends and woodworking. I play stylophone, keyboard, guitar and kazoo! I love writing song interpretations and TMBG song-inspired stories. I've gotten my friends and my dad into TMBG.

I'm also looking for artists for my TMBG comic, so if you'd like to do the art for my comic, you can ask me in the talk section!

I also change my page a lot as well, so don't mind me changing my page after 1 millisecond!

TMBG Projects Here's a page with all of my TMBG projects, bonus things and info about me!

My TMBG Fandom Story[edit]

I don't know how or why I started listening to TMBG, but I listen to them every day now. I think I started listening to them in mid-November of 2022. I think the first album I listened to was Flood and I adored Birdhouse in Your Soul and when I heard Istanbul (Not Constantinople) it sounded so vague yet so nostalgic and familiar. I think I then started to find friends who listen to TMBG and they suggested albums to me. I am now officially a John Linnell fan-girl and I plan on researching the TMBG iceberg and TMBG lore.

Music I Enjoy (Currently Under Construction)[edit]

  • Ben Folds Five: I started listening to Ben Folds Five after hearing the song, Do It Anyway, one morning on my way to school. My favorite songs are Do It Anyway and Narcolepsy <---(really good song, love the lyrics)
  • Oingo Boingo: The first Oingo Boingo song I ever heard was Weird Science, and after that, I was hooked. I love the band's name, since it matches their weird, creepy and kooky songs and vibes.
  • The White Stripes:
  • Will Wood: I remember listening to the song, I/Me/Myself and I remember thinking that it was horrible, but I was wrong. I listened to The Normal Album and I thought it was pretty good.
  • Hole: I started listening to Hole when I got a Live Through This CD for my birthday (or Christmas, I don't really remember).
  • The Presidents Of The United States Of America
  • Tally Hall
  • Jukebox The Ghost
  • Talking Heads
  • Weezer
  • Bo Burnham: I discovered Bo Burnham from watching his special on Netflix, Inside. Yes, I know he used to be extremely controversial but I enjoy his more recent music because it's comical as well as relatable.

My Band[edit]

I created this band called The Rock Service (thanks to a handy-dandy band name generator). It's like TMBG, but it's just a huge mashed-up pile of TMBG, Jukebox The Ghost, Ben Folds Five and Talking Heads. The other members are a few of my friends and my boyfriend. I'm the kazoo, keyboard, keytar and stylophone player as well as a designer for posters, album covers, merchandise, tour posters and many other things. We're not an official band, but we hope to be one someday.

Bluecanaryalex's Collection
Apollo 18BOOKDirect From BrooklynFloodHere Come The ABCsHere Come The ABCsI Like FunIndestructible ObjectJohn HenryJoin UsLincolnMink CarNo!Phone PowerThe SpineThen: The Earlier YearsThey Might Be Giants (Album)Venue SongsWhy?

TMBG Album Rankings[edit]

Album Favorite Song Why Least favorite song Why
John Henry Ugh, I have lots of favorites on this album, but I'll go with Self Called Nowhere. I love this song because of how quiet and folky it gets and then how it gets really intense and epic. I also love the accent Linnell uses. I have some ones I dislike, but I'm gonna go with the basic choice, O Do Not Forsake Me. It's too boring and it should have been replaced with Ondine.
Flood I have lots of favorites on this album, but I'll stick with the classic Birdhouse In Your Soul. I love how nostalgic and cheerful it sounds. I love how Linnell says blue canary. It's also an instant classic. I have a few I really dislike, but I'll go with Hearing Aid. It's just too depressing and slow and it's not really a song Flans should sing, it's just not like something he would usually sing.
Lincoln I love this whole album, but I'll go with the good old Ana Ng. I love how it starts off with an epic guitar riff. I also know all the lyrics to this by heart. I have a few least favorites, but I'll go with the stupid choice, Santa's Beard. I just don't like how Flans's voice sounds and the intro to the song.
They Might Be Giants (Album) I have so many favorites on this album, but I'm gonna go with the one most people dislike, Chess Piece Face. I just love how silly Flans sounds and it gives me melancholy circus clown vibes. Easy, Alienation's For The Rich. I know this song is supposed to be satire, but I always skip it.
Apollo 18 The Statue Got Me High I love the story behind this song and I find it really interesting. I have a lot that I dislike, but I can't really choose which one. N/A
Why? Oh You Did I love how this is the first song on the album and I love how Robin sings this song. N/A N/A
BOOK I Can't Remember The Dream I love this song, since it's very relatable. I also love the guitar riffs in the song. Lord Snowdon I literally only have one word to say, horrible.
Mink Car Bangs BAANGS ABOVE YOUR EYES YOUR HAIR HANGSSSSSSS!! This song is a bang-er. Mr. Xcitement I hate Mike Doughty.
The Spine Experimental Film I just love how the music video for this was a Homestar Runner animation. I have no idea. N/A
Join Us Oh my goodness, I have a lot of favorites, but I'll choose Canajoharie. This gives me cryptozoologist vibes but also Creature From The Black Lagoon vibes as well. Celebration I don't have much to say about this.
No! Sleepwalkers I just adore this song because it has a sleepy vibe to it. N/A N/A