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Idlewild Recordings is the name of TMBG's own record label, which began operation in 2002. Idlewild was the popular nickname of New York International, until it was renamed John F. Kennedy airport in 1964, and there are probably still a few people who call it Idlewild. As this name is a bit of New York historical geography with a transportation angle, was supplanted by a president from the band's home state, and is made up of two words that can be complimentary or contradictory, depending on the meaning you choose, it seems to be an ideal name for the band to use.

The recordings for the They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club are also distributed by Idlewild.

In 2013, the band announced that "all Idlewild Recordings will be manufactured and distributed by Megaforce Records" who, according to John Flansburgh, "have a great approach to this challenging 21st century music business." Previously, the label worked in conjunction with Rounder Records, which handled distribution.

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