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Studio album by They Might Be Giants
First released Early 2021 Tracks TBA Last album The Escape Team
Label Idlewild Recordings Length TBA

BOOK is the twenty-third studio album by They Might Be Giants, currently in production and due out in early 2021.


John Flansburgh began hinting around March 2019 that the band had begun working on their next album. The first studio sessions for the album took place later in the year, with initial photos and clips from the recording studio showing up on TMBG's social media on starting on November 18.[1][2] In a December 2019 radio interview, Flansburgh estimated that TMBG would be writing and recording for the album through April 2020, with an additional production phase after mixing that would make its release a "slightly longer process than normal".[3]

In a January 2020 newsletter, Flansburgh discussed the album's progress and stated, without revealing it, that an album title had already been decided:

A couple of months ago we started in on the long process of writing and recording our next album. Strangely, we have even come up with a title for it which is something that usually takes forever and ultimately delays all progress. Guess we dodged that bullet this time!

Not a lot we can say about the work we're immersed in right now. There won’t be much to report for at least 6 months, and probably more. But for right now, here are single words taken from the titles of a bunch of new songs: Remember, Rule, Winnipeg, Lord, Wants, Buckle, Synopsis, Minivan, Circus, and Attention. Now, will all of these one-word song clues really be included on our next album? Possibly not, but if that has peaked [sic] your interest, our job here is done.

In February 2020, Flansburgh mentioned on Tumblr that making this album had the band in a similar creative situation to the lead-up to 2011's Join Us, and that they needed "a moment to regroup" after their three-album output in 2018. "We did multiple albums in a row, kind of assuming that manic output would never end, but then it does!"[4]

The album's production timeline was likely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and New York City's PAUSE order in the months that followed.

In July 2020, They Might Be Giants announced details of the album including its planned early 2021 release and title, BOOK, alongside the 2020 They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club offer. True to its title, the CD version of the album will be packaged in a 12"x12" hardcover book featuring "original fine art photography", lyrics from the album and other recent albums, and packaging by Paul Sahre. It will also be released on 180-gram vinyl.

Potential songs for inclusion[edit]