The Escape Team

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The Escape Team comic book

The Escape Team are the subjects of a number of Dial-A-Song (2018) songs, as well as a comic book written and drawn by David Cowles. From the official description:[1]

Yes, longtime visual collaborator David Cowles has created an exclusive comic book for the Instant Fan Club called The Escape Team about twelve misfit mutants escaping their military-industrial overlords. PLUS, you'll get an original accompanying disc of Escape Team songs created by They Might Be Giants. Each month, a song about the twelve Escape Team characters will be previewed on Dial-A-Song and the full disc will go out around the 2018 holidays.

Songs about The Escape Team:

Members of the Escape Team:

  • Dr. Sy Fly
  • Chip the CHiP (brother to Flo Wheeler)
  • Burnice Rubber
  • Re-Pete Offender
  • Corrupted Lyle
  • Hand Wich
  • Jackie the Clipper
  • Mr. Mischief Night
  • Hair Ned
  • Juan Postal
  • Flo Wheeler (Sister of Chip the CHiP)
  • Dunkin