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TMBG Music (as TMB Music, before 1987) is a label and publisher through which They Might Be Giants self-released early demos. After signing to major record labels, they began using it to release promos and samplers. TMBG's record label Idlewild Recordings started operating in 2002; TMBG Music stopped publishing releases shortly thereafter.

Release history[edit | edit source]

Year Name Type Notes
1984 1984 Promotional Demo Tape Demo unmarked
1985 Wiggle Diskette Demo as TMB Music
1985 1985 Promotional Demo Tape Demo
1995 1985 Demo Tape Demo as TMB Music
1986 They Might Be Giants - Joshua Fried Split Single EP as TMB Music
1999 Dr. Evil (Promo) Single
1999 Kids Sampler Sampler
1999 What We Did This Summer Sampler
1999 Long Tall Weekend Album Wired disc
2000 Boss Of Me (Hornblow Promo CD) Single
2001 No! Preview Sampler
2001 2001 Sampler Sampler
2003 Man, It's So Loud In Here (Promo EP) Single

Other names[edit | edit source]

Ouida Bailey Music[edit | edit source]

A Bar/None promotional tape with "Ouida Bailey Music" markings.

Up to and for part of 1986, TMBG published their songs under the name TMB Music, and in 1987 and thereafter as TMBG Music or They Might Be Giants Music. However, on the initial releases of the Pink Album, the name Ouida Bailey Music can be found. In The Giants Interview Each Other, the band explains the origins of the name:

Ouida Bailey, 1978
Linnell: What was up with our high school science teacher Ouida Bailey? Elaborate.

Flansburgh: I was just explaining Ouida Bailey to my friend last night, and how we named our publishing company after her until our lawyer told us we would just get sued later, and changed it. She was really a character, with completely shaved eyebrows that had been replaced by what looked like orange magic marker, and a voice which resided in one very low octave and one really high, making everything she said seem insane. She was the head of the science department, and in my sophomore year I got into a pointless argument with her over her concept of evolution, which seemed completely and impossibly under-informed to me.

Linnell: She was kind of wise to everything, so she must've known that everyone thought she was bizarre. The first day or two of a semester, everyone in the classroom would just be falling over every time she opened her mouth. It didn't seem to bug her. Eventually we got used to her.

Flansburgh: I never got used to her.

They Might Be Records[edit | edit source]

All of the band's monthly releases of TMBG Unlimited through eMusic were released through "They Might Be Records". These were the only releases to use that name.

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