Lyrics:Renew My Subscription

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Renew My Subscription
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2004

Though I don't write a whole lot of letters I figured I'd better say something now I saw the thing about the heartsick shut-in Thought that I should cut in And tell you 'bout how

It woke me from a life-long daydream While I'd been aging you wrote it all down And though I recognized the words when I read them I know I never said them to people out loud

Renew my subscription To Desperate Bellowing Magazine It sure does have a familiar ring You might say I fit the description Renew my subscription To Miserable Freak Show Quarterly Every back-number I saw spoke to me Acknowledging it's my addiction Renew my subscription

I wanna be a much better person Instead I worsen with every day But there's a drug whose name I'm not sure of Which I need more of to feel okay

They told me exercise and diet If I would try it, would cure my ills But though I'm already past my quota I want another load o' those magic pills

Refill my prescription To whatever that thing is That makes the carpet stop turning into snakes In lieu of my coming conniption Refill my prescription And free me from where I don't want to be Standing outside the unopened pharmacy Before I confirm your prediction Refill my prescription