Guitar Tab:Renew My Subscription

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Renew My Subscription
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Major
Year: 2004
Tabbed By: Ramso
       D                            Em
Though I don't write a whole lot of letters
              A/C#                 D
I figured I'd better say something now
          Bm                         G
I saw the thing about the heart sick shut in
Thought that I should cut in
And tell you 'bout how

   G                        Am
It woke me from a life long day dream
               D                      G
While I'd been aging you wrote it all down
             Em                          Am
And though I recognized the words when I read them
               D                       G
I know I never said them to people out loud

N.C.           A
Renew my subscription
To "Desperate Bellowing Magazine"
   Em               A
It sure does have a familiar ring
You might say I fit the description
Em           A
Renew my subscription
To "Miserable Freak Show Quarterly"
      Em                A
Every back number I saw spoke to me
Acknowledging it's my addiction
Em                    A - - -
Renew my subscription

       D                 Em
I wanna be a much better person
          A/C#              D
Instead I worsen with every day
              Bm                      G
But there's a drug whose name I'm not sure of
             A               D
Which I need more of to feel okay

     G                    Am
They told me exercise and diet
           D                     G
If I would try it, would cure my ills
               Em              Am
But though I'm already past my quota
               D                   G
I want another load o' those magic pills

N.C.           A
Refill my prescription
To whatever that thing is
   Em               A
That makes the carpet stop turning into snakes
In lieu of my coming conniption
Em           A
Refill my prescription
And free me from where I don't want to be
         Em                   A
Standing outside the unopened pharmacy
Before I confirm your prediction
Em                     A - - -
Refill my prescription