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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show featured the last performance of Marty Beller Mask before the death of Whitney Houston. The song was not played live again until 2022, ten years later.


This was the Johns at their absolute best. Honestly, every song was laden with unbridled energy and the band sounded ideal. The crowd was excellent, and despite taking a few minutes to catch on to the workings of Apes vs. People, maintained equal levels of energy. Also, in retrospect, we learned that this was sadly the last live performance of Marty Beller Mask. For the Pandor segment, Meg Ryan was the guest star, claiming she had eaten "at least 25 of those red pills backstage". Hilarious as always. I ended up getting a setlist and my IFC gear from the merch table (in which I acquired the much-sought-after and endangered Linnell signature). Oh, and Jonathan Coulton rocked, quite literally.