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About Me[edit]

Name: Kelly

Nickname: Blue Canary

Occupation: Professional fangirl

Hobbies: Concert junkie, amateur photographer, full-time geek

Motto: "Rock, rinse, repeat."

You can read the full story of my descent into TMBG fandom on my blog if you are interested: My TMBG Story. I credit The Mesopotamians and Nine Bowls Of Soup with turning the tides for me.

There is absolutely no where I would rather be than a TMBG show. They say home is where the heart is and if that's true my home lies somewhere between Marty's drum kit and Dan's mic stand at the front of the stage. If the band is playing east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason/Dixon line (and often further), I am usually there. You may have seen me. I'm that girl with the pigtails. Say hi! I'm friendly, I promise :-)

I celebrated my 200th TMBG show in Melbourne, Australia on November 7, 2015!


I have a fairly substantial collection of TMBG bootlegs. I'm not really collecting anymore but will still gladly share. Use my talk page or send me an email if you want to request something. My Live Show List.

Concert Photography[edit]

I also have over 8000 live concert photos of the band in my Flickr galleries. You might recognize some of them, as several have been used by the band for promotional purposes on social media or on various band member's websites.

My Blog[edit]

I have a blog called My Name Is Blue Canary. I haven't kept up with it in recent years, but you can still find detailed recaps of the shows I attended up through 2013 or so as well as an archive of the Song of the Day project I ran for several years.

My Collection[edit]

BlueCanary's Collection